Penina Ballerina - Level 1: Beginner - Intermediate

Penina Ballerina - Level 1: Beginner - Intermediate

Join Penina and her friends (ages 6-13) as they embark on a journey into the magical world of ballet. Enjoy clear instruction, graceful dancing, original songs and drama. As you dance along, you will gain praise, flexibility and rhythm, improve your balance and posture, and learn from Penina's good middos and hepful ways. Whether looking to learn the basics of dance or improve existing skills, girls of all ages are sure to be enthralled by the non-stop entertainment provided in this DVD.

Over 1 hour of high quality lessons and entertainment! Bonus feature includes adorable little ballerinas (ages 2-5) that are sure to bring a smile to your face! Running time: 72 minutes.

Note: All aspects of the DVD were planned and produced under the guidance of Rabbanim and all costumes are Tzniusdik.

"Stunning costumes, magnificent music and truly exquisite dancing make Penina Ballerina a professional fun-filled masterpiece sure to delight and captivate girls of all ages. Double the fun by watching it with your mothers, your sisters or a special friend." - Libby Lazewnik, Author.

  1. Stretching Exercises
  2. 5 Basic Positions
  3. Balancing Exercise
  4. Port de Bras at the Barre
  5. Plie
  6. Releve
  7. Battement Tendu
  8. Battement Degage
  9. Leaps
  10. Cou-de-pied
  11. Passe
  12. Mirrors
  13. Developpe
  14. Rond de jambe a terre
  15. Rond de jambe en l'air
  16. Ballet Walk
  17. Ballet Skip
  18. Arabesque a terre
  19. Arabesque en l'air
  20. Saute
  21. Changement
  22. Reverence (curtsy)

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