DoroTree : : The Jewish Genealogy Software

DoroTree is the revolutionary new program for Jewish genealogists. 

With DoroTree you can: 

 DoroTree was developed with an emphasis on user friendliness. DoroTree performs simultaneously in two character sets: Latin characters (English, French, German, Spanish or Portuguese) on the left and Hebrew on the right. (You can type in and display Hebrew characters without a Hebrew operating system.) 


DoroTree imports all popular picture formats - you may include as many pictures per person as you choose. 

Write ahead
The program offers a 'write ahead' feature, completing surnames and places after partial typing in. This feature draws on an internal table of names previously entered. 

Date formats
You can choose from a variety of date formats for your data input and display. 

Date conversions
DoroTree has fields for both civil and Hebrew dates. DoroTree also comes with a date converter - a click of the mouse and your date is converted from Hebrew to civil, or visa versa. 

'OnkelUs' First Name Translator
As a Jewish genealogist you want to be able to enter your ancestors' and your family's Hebrew or Yiddish names when you know them and in the original language, Hebrew, Yiddishor Ladino. You don't read Hebrew? You don't type Hebrew? Sounds difficult? Not really, DoroTree's OnkelUs function is a first name converter that will help you to do this automatically with many Hebrew or Yiddish names. If you know your grandfather's Hebrew name was Moses or Moshe, just right click his name and OnkelUs will translate it into Hebrew in Hebrew characters! 

Hebrew Keyboard
If you do not have Hebrew Windows installed, then the data input dialog boxes display a Keyboard button at the bottom right, which when clicked displays an on-screen keyboard. The letters of the Hebrew Aleph Bet are arranged in alphabetical order to ease data entry. To use the keyboard, simply click on the Hebrew field into which you wish to enter data, and use your mouseclick on the appropriate letters. 

Holocaust Victims
Many Jewish genealogists of European origin find that a large number of their ancestors and relatives were killed in the Holocaust. DoroTree features a special Holocaust symbol that enables you to mark Holocaust victims in your database and on your family tree printouts, should you so wish. 

You can start your DoroTree family by importing your existing family database as a GEDCOM file from another genealogy program. 

Windows - Our Price: $59.00

PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, 16MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive, 20 MB HD space